3 Best night stay experiences in Jaisalmer to do this year

There is no better experience than spending a night in Jaisalmer under the blanket of stars and soaking in the majestic beauty of a star-filled sky and looking up to the dazzling canopy over the head in the midst of the mystic sand dunes of Jaisalmer. Spending a night under the starry sky amongst the silence and quietness is sure to rejuvenate your soul and refresh you. There is no other place in India where you can have such an incredible time of spending a night under the starry sky. Experience the feel of sleeping under the sky of overwhelming silence and stars above in the midst of sand dunes in Jaisalmer.



1. Sleeping under the open sky in Jaisalmer


One of the most enchanting experiences in Jaisalmer is spending some time under the sky. The stay in Jaisalmer here in Royal Golden Camp would serve you with the facility of spending the night under the sky with all the additional facilities that you might require. You can spend some time relaxing in the sky next to a campfire in Jaisalmer. You can also choose to have your dinner served around the campfire. You can choose to stay outside for the night. From the sunset, you can choose to take up Camel Safari and then watch the sunset while you wait for the night sky to take over. You can directly ride back on a sand dune as a bed and sleep over the sand dunes. At Royal Golden Camp Jaisalmer, you will be provided with mattresses, pillows, and blankets to make your stay comfortable. You can wake up and watch the sunrise and ride back over camel safari in Jaisalmer for lunch/breakfast.


2. Stay in mobile tents


Royal Golden Camp also offers Mobile tents in Jaisalmer. These mobile tents in Jaisalmer are very comfortable. You can choose to enjoy a campfire near your tent or even cultural performances along with a hearty dinner. The tents are set up to ensure that you have an amazing view of the wilderness and mystic dunes of Jaisalmer. The stay in Mobile tents is all set to make your stay pleasurable as you can experience the rich culture of Jaisalmer. The tents that are being placed on the dunes make the entire experience memorable. You can set up your requirement and within the range of heaps of sand dunes in Jaisalmer. You can experience the raw and rustic side of Jaisalmer under the starry sky at night in Jaisalmer.


3. Swiss Luxury tents


Swiss Luxury tents bring home charm and excitement. You can choose to spend time in luxury swiss tents in Jaisalmer desert is sure to uplift your mood and with a fully accommodated bathroom facility, you can bring a homely experience in the lap of the desert. The Swiss luxurious tents are one of the best features of our camp in Jaisalmer and walled into a private enclosure. These tents have roll-up windows and the insides are decorated with ethnic handcrafted furniture, enhancing your traditional experience in our Jaisalmer Camp. Thick mattresses and the canvas of these tents are made of weatherproof cotton, ensuring comfort even in rough climates. With all the necessary facilities and services, these tents are hard to miss out on!
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