Jaisalmer Camping experience – Client’s Story

Sleeping under the starry sky under the starry sand dunes of Jaisalmer was definitely one of the best and enchanting experience. The experience in Jaisalmer was thrilling as well as soothing. When I planned my trip to Jaisalmer, I expected to have all the adventurous and peaceful experience with all the fun activities in one place. Royal Camp Jaisalmer was a perfect choice. While I was planning and including all the activities I wanted to do in the desert, some of them were camel riding, dune bashing, and Jeep safari in Jaisalmer to name a few. Jaisalmer is a perfect place to explore as it is the only city in India that is so near to a desert. Royal Camp Jaisalmer provides an overnight tent experience which was definitely one of the things to do in my itinerary.

We woke up early in the morning and had a hearty breakfast in the middle of the dunes of Jaisalmer. After some breakfast, we decided to take a sandbath in Jaisalmer. It was one of the most enchanting experiences. It was a really relaxing and calming experience in Jaisalmer. Then we began our camel safari in Jaisalmer. The hour and a half long camel ride were truly amazing.

The reasonable desert skies made for the ideal canvas, and there were stars the extent that the eye could see. We started discussing the Universe, distinguishing heavenly bodies, spotting satellites, dreaming about existence on another planet… aah! The joy was unrivaled.

Following a fantastic evening of rest, we woke up similarly as the sun listlessly crawled up from behind the hills. I enjoyed the pastel sky and the absolute peacefulness existing apart from everything else with my chai in bed. This was an encounter I would probably always remember.

Following a morning meal of porridge, we set off back to the inn, our hearts brimming with quietness and recollections brimming with a gleaming night in the lap of the desert.

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