Jaisalmer Travel Guide

The Jaisalmer is a beautiful city in Rajasthan full of cultural glory and heritage. No place depicts beautiful camel trains walking through the desert dunes in India. To the north, the narrow streets and magnificent havelis on either side of the streets, all carved from the golden-yellow sandstone, designating Jaisalmer as the Golden City.

Reaching Jaisalmer

Plane– Few domestic flights like Spicejet operate at Jaisalmer airport. You can travel to Jaisalmer via Jaipur or Delhi. Another closest airport to Jaisalmer is Jodhpur airport, which is approximately 280 km away. You can take up pre-paid taxis or buses.

Train– You can also take up a train to Jaisalmer like one from Delhi. “Shalimar express” is the intercity train to travel from Delhi to Jaisalmer. You will pass through the station of Pokharan.

Bus– You can get a bus or a taxi to Jaisalmer from Jodhpur or Bikaner. Ordinary and deluxe buses run from and to Jaisalmer and Jaipur. Also, you can catch buses from Barmer, Bikaner, Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Ahmedabad to Jaisalmer.

Car– car operator offers road trip to Jaisalmer and is usually charged on a per-kilometer, per-day basis. Some of the popular destinations for road travel to Jaisalmer –

Agra to Jaisalmer – 800 km
Ajmer to Jaisalmer – 440 km
Bikaner to Jaisalmer – 330 km
Jaipur to Jaisalmer – 570 km
Jodhpur to Jaisalmer – 300 km
Mumbai to Jaisalmer – 1140 km
New Delhi to Jaisalmer – 800 km
Udaipur to Jaisalmer – 575 km

Stay in Jaisalmer

You can either choose to have a homestay in Jaisalmer or plan a stay in a desert camp. Royal Golden Camp in Jaisalmer is an amazing camp resort in the sand dunes of Jaisalmer.

You can enjoy many activities during the day offered by Thrillsa adventure and join in for the Arabian nights and Rajasthani cultural events by night. You can also choose to travel around the city during the day and enjoy stargazing under the beautiful night sky in the dunes, far from the bustle of the city at night.

You can also choose to take up a homestay in or around Jaisalmer fort to enjoy the events and festivals during the night time in Jaisalmer.

Places to visit

#1 Jaisalmer Fort
Also known as “Sonar Kila” of Jaisalmer, due to the golden-yellow stone it was built of. The interior of the fort is incredible and you can get beautiful pictures in and around the fort. The ways in the fort are similar to that of a maze. It is a working fort for it has many shops that sell local antiques and cultural pieces. The shopkeepers live within its walls.

Discover the historic remains of the kings as every element of the fort narrates the story of its own. The fort has historically managed many attacks from rival armies including the Mughals and still stands strong. It is the pride of Jaisalmer and holds the symbol of the bravery of the kings of Jaisalmer.

#2 Gadisar Lake

This is a rainwater lake built to resolve the issues in Jaisalmer. The uniqueness of the Gadisar lake is that it gives a different view and atmosphere in Jaisalmer. The beauty of this lake is that it has temples and buildings around its banks. You can enjoy a boat ride in Jaisalmer and get spellbound by the breathtaking view, especially during sunset.

#3 Patwon ki Haveli
Near the Golden Fort, you can find Patwon ki haveli. It is a collection of five houses and one of the magnificent havelis in Jaisalmer. Besides the elaborate architectural designs, you can also find and enjoy many local shops in and around the haveli offering Rajasthani traditional delicacies.

#4 Nathmalji ki Haveli

It is the home to then Prime Minister, Diwan Mohata Nathmal. The heveli was built by two brothers who started working on either side of the haveli. The brothers struggled with uniform designs in both the sides, irregular shapes, and design on either side of this unique haveli of Jaisalmer.

#5 Salim Singh ki Haveli

It is also known as peacock haveli due to its unique design and structure. It is a haveli built over another old haveli in Jaisalmer.

#6 Sam Sand Dunes

These sand dunes are located away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The sand dunes are located around 50 km from the Jaisalmer city. It offers an amazing sight and stunning sunset and sunrise view with the golden hue in the sky and over the sand dunes.

#7 Kuldhara – The abandoned village

Located around 18 kilometers away from Jaisalmer, Kuldhara is also known as a haunted village. This eerie village has been abandoned and empty for the past few centuries. It is amongst the haunted places in Rajasthan.

Historically, this village was inhabited by the Paliwal Brahmins but due to some mysterious reason, all the people living in Kuldhara evacuated the village. There has been no sign of human dwellings there ever since.

#8 Khaba Fort

Located within the Kuldhara village, you can find the Khaba Fort lying abandoned in the middle of nothingness.you can click pictures and get a good panoramic view of the village. The locals do not reside here as they believe that the place is cursed and may lead to misfortune and death in their lives.

#9 Vyas Chhatri
It is an air array of brilliant sandstone chhatris in the Brahmin graveyard. It is located towards the northwestern side of the town. It is also known as a sunset point.

#10 Bada Bagh

In Jaisalmer, even though you can see only sand dunes and desert, the rulers made an attempt to build some greenery in the city. It is now a beautiful garden. Within the garden premises, you can also visit the cenotaphs dedicated to Bhatti rulers.

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