Sand Bath Therapy

Sand Bath Therapy Sand Bath Therapy The sand bath is not only relaxing but acts like a natural therapy. It cleanses the body much like a sauna. The weight of the hot sand on the body helps the muscles to relax. The body is soothed without any burns. Relief is provided from a range of …

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Candle Night Setup

Candle Night Setup

Candle Night Setup Candle Night Setup The Thar Dinner plays homage to the culinary traditions of travellers who crossed the Thar to Jaisalmer. The Thar Dinner represents the end of this journey in a celebratory feast that is served to you in a communal setting. Starry skies, tasselled canopies and mattress style seating make this …

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traditional food restaurant_compressed

Traditional Cuisine

Traditional Cuisine Traditional Cuisine The dunes at Jaisalmer are soft, golden hued and warm. The most sublime experience is to sit at the dunes under the shade of Khejadi with tented canopy feel the softness of the sand, and breathe in the best of nature, interspersed with sublime sundowners. We invite you to experience delicious …

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Camp Jaisalmer

Connection of Royal Golden Camp to Jaisalmer is one of friendship, of personal connections, of a family being drawn to a destination decades ago, that is favoured by many today. Our luxurious desert camp and therapy that was established many years ago as First luxury tented camp in desert of Jaisalmer.

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Address: Royal golden camp, 3 kms after Damodara Village, Near Desert National Park, Sam Sand Dunes , Jaisalmer

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