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Get the Immense Pleasure of Watching the Sunsets at Sand Dunes Jaisalmer


Royal Golden Camp Jaisalmer introduces the most exciting of the Thar Desert of Rajasthan. Enjoy visiting the most desired luxury traveling experience.

Jaisalmer is one of the most amazing spots filled with lots of fortifications with conveying the glorious history. Jaisalmer offers the tourist with the most tranquil and peaceful vibe with enjoying the retreat in serenity. Explore the beauty of the Thar Desert with your family and friends with more entertainment. We assure you would get the most amazing entertainment while you explore the desert on the safari. Jaisalmer is blessed with the most amazing vibrant culture. Markets of the Jaisalmer are quite amazing for buying the exquisite handicrafts. When you like to enjoy Rajasthani cuisine, then Jaisalmer is one of the best places for getting the local culture interacting with locals, fo knowing about the lifestyle. The beautiful textures and patterns of the sand dunes would definitely inspire everyone.

Sand Dunes

Jaisalmer is the best desert holiday destination in India with more number of sightseeing tourists, especially visits this place for the beautiful desert. Travelers like to enjoy visiting the “Sam Sand Dunes.” But there are 3 popular sand dune areas in Jaisalmer that includes.

  • Sam sand dunes
  • Khuri sand dunes
  • Lodhruva sand dunes

Sam Sand Dunes is quite popular in the Jaisalmer, so most of the travelers enjoy the 3-5 km pure sand without any plants. Now you can easily book the sand dunes jaisalmer booking to have the best entertainment with your family and friends. Most of the people like to travel to the desert camps, jeeps, and camels in their safari tours. It is also considered s the most amazing spot called Sam sunset point.

Dinner on The Dunes:

The Thar Dinner epically plays the most amazing spot for the culinary traditions. Royal Golden Camp Jaisalmer brings you the fascinating Thar Dinner that represents the journey with the most amazing celebratory feast. It is mainly served for the guests in the most communal setting. Dinner on the Dunes is one of the spectacular opportunities for easily enjoying the tasseled canopies, Starry skies, and amazing mattress style seating that gives you a much more comfortable option.

Sand Bath Therapy:

Sand Bath Therapy is one of the most relaxing option suitable for calming your mind and body. This therapy would cleanse the body, and it is similar to that of the sauna. This therapy relaxes the body muscles to relax.

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